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This recipe came about because my two West Highland Terriers – well one of them (photo above) were being picky eaters.  I had already given Izzie the choice of different ” kibbles” and she had chosen the Bison Holistic one but she also wanted a little more “pizzaz” in her meal.  I decided to try the “raw food” diet because one of my fellow West Highland Terrier owners recommended that diet as being the best way to go!  She had over 6 six dogs ( a little mental) and fed them this diet twice a day which must have been as expensive as a mortgage payment.  Oh Well!  That’s why life has choices.  Regardless I thought I would try it and bought one of the little raw food squares at my local “fancy” dog shop.  Think it was beef – it’s been a while?  I cut the square of food in half and served it to them.  The bigger one Tucker – looked a bit miffed but eat it.  The little one looked and me and said “really, really you think I’m eating this?  IT’S RAW!  I’m a spoiled domestic dog – I do not eat RAW food,  and by the way change this bowl to a PLATE.  I also do not like BOWLS – they have EDGES!

Being a good mom I looked at the ingredients and since they were vegetables, fruits, chicken liver I figured I could duplicate it closely and it would be a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER than these little squares of food.  I bought some ingredients, plus “Call of the Wild” vitamin powder and I was good to go!   FYI my Izzie did not like chicken livers… don’t ask!


  • 4 lbs 15 % fat – ground round
  • 1 large sweet potato
  • 1 large zucchini
  • 4 small bulbs of broccoli
  • Big shake of “Call of the Wild” Vitamin Powder
  • 2 eggs- beat slightly
  • touch of garlic powder
  • about 10 square plastic storage boxes – the mid size ones (see photo) with tops



Steam all vegetables to “al dente” stage

Cool vegetables

Put ground round into large bowl

sprinkle generously with vitamin powder

sprinkle with garlic powder – not a huge amount – tastefully

add eggs

Start MUSHING with your hands like you are ready to make a meat loaf—  Actually you are ready to make a BUNCH of little meat loafs

Depending on the size of your dog — I have two – 15 lb and one 22 lb  (Westies)- put in few hand full”  of meat mixture in container and close tightly.

Containers will be frozen and used as needed.  Mine last about 2 weeks or so – so for about $30.00 I have really healthy tasty food.

I take container out – leave it in refrigerator and put about two tablespoons in a skillet and warm.  I do not COOK – I warm and serve rare NOT raw.  Your dog may like it raw.  Mine is a princess.

I serve it over Vita Pure – Holistic Bison Kibble-  that way I am covering all basis in nutrition.  On occasion add shredded cooked chicken on top.  YES I am NUTS!


The last TWO LIVED TO BE EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD EACH—Trust me this feeding way works!!!

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